Why Cordoba Spain Is The Perfect Erasmus Student City

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Spain is one of the most popular countries for Erasmus students in the whole of Europe and it’s not difficult to see why. With he sunny climate, tasty tapas, friendly locals, endless fiestas, and (siestas if you are in the southern part of the country), there are so many things to love about Spain. If the idea of choosing Spain as your Erasmus destination has crossed your mind you’ve probably asked yourself – which part of Spain should I go to?

Do you enjoy warmer weather and sunshine?

Depending on the geographical location, the climate in Spain varies widely between the regions. South of Spain has the warmest climate and enjoys the most days of sunshine throughout the year. which might help to narrow down your search. And, another important factor to take into account when choosing your student destination: the parties! Although there are good parties all over Spain, there is no doubt that Andalucia stands out with its many fiestas (feria, as the locals referred to them). And, the people in the south are also known to be happy, easy-going, and very welcoming of foreigners.

If you consider the South of Spain, or Andalucia as the region is called, there are a few cities to choose from such as Seville and, of course, Cordoba Spain (not to be confused with the city in Argentina having the same name).

In fact, over 600 foreign students a year choose Cordoba as their Erasmus destination making it a popular Spanish city for international students. So where is Cordoba? It’s located 1.5 hours drive north of Seville. The city is full of history and goes back all the way to Roman times. If you are an avid Game of Thrones fan you might have caught a glimpse of the ancient city from watching the TV series. Not only is it a beautiful and historical city with several famous sights. It’s a city with a well-regarded university, affordable student accommodation, tasty local food, and lots of things going on. The city is also easy to get around and well connected to other parts of the country.

Why should I study in Cordoba?

Great weather, good food, and student parties aside, what can you expect from studying at the local uni Cordoba – University of Cordoba?

Although Cordoba Spain is an ancient city, the University of Cordoba is not as old as some of the other Spanish universities. It was founded in 1972, however, it’s the successor of the “Universidad Libre de Córdoba”, which was established at the end of the 19th century.
Although being a relative ‘new’ university it’s regarded as one of the most important universities in Spain and one of the best-equipped ones in Europe. At the Rabanales Campus, you’ll find the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (which is the most prestigious in Spain), as well as the Agronomy School. The two faculties together make up the university’s scientific departments.

The atmosphere at the university is very cosmopolitan and international thanks to its many international students. Expect lots of student events and parties organised by the university to help you, as an international student, to seamlessly integrate into the student life in Cordoba quickly.

Getting Around Cordoba

It’s easy to get around in Cordoba on foot, by bus or by car or train. The public transport system is well developed with local buses taking you to all areas of the city. If you would like to explore Spain further, other cities in Andalusia are nearby and there is an excellent network of public transport, so you can explore the different regions. For example, take the AVE (fast train), and get to the north of Spain, Madrid, Portugal, or to the regions of Valencia, Murcia, and Barcelona, and the whole of eastern Spain in a few hours.

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The top 3 must-see places in Cordoba

If you’ve chosen Córdoba for your year abroad – congratulations! You will be pleasantly surprised to find out how many things there are to see and experience in the stunning ancient Roman city, which is, by many Spanish people regarded as Spain’s most beautiful city!

On top of our list is the Mosque of Cordoba which is situated in the old quarter of the city, and is one of the 5 most commonly visited monuments in entire Spain! The majestic building has more than 1000 or more columns which make the monument really impressive. It also has a cathedral built inside the mosque which is unique. The building of the mosque began in 786 AD but it wasn’t until 1984 that it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. At one time, it was the second biggest mosque in the world. Today, it’s the second most important building in the whole of Andalusia.

Game of Thrones fans rejoice! Puente Romano (Roman Bridge) is the world-famous bridge featured in the international blockbuster TV series. This bridge is incredibly beautiful and once you realise it was built by the Romans in the 1st century AD it becomes even more impressive. The bridge is connecting the two banks of the River Guadalquivir, which flows through Cordoba. It‟s also known as the “old bridge”, and it was in fact the only bridge in the city for over 20 centuries until the construction of the San Rafael bridge in the 50‟s. A great way to start the day is strolling across the Roman Bridge after having a morning coffee.

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In May the city of Cordoba comes to life. The many thousands of flower pots are being put on display inside the many courtyards. There’s even an annual competition where the most beautiful courtyard is being crowned the winner. This is also the month when the many orange trees growing around the city are blooming and the scent is heavenly. If you want to capture the essence of Cordoba ensure you visit Calleja de las Flores regarded as the city’s most picturesque site. You find this beautiful alley right next to the mosque. A narrow, cobbled alley leads to a little square (plaza) with a spectacular view of the Cathedral tower, and it‟s a favourite spot for taking one of those pictures which sum up the essence of Cordoba so ensure you bring your camera.

Enjoy the tasty local Spanish food in Cordoba

Spanish people love their local food and Cordoba is no exception. Mealtimes are typically Spanish which means restaurants serve lunch between 2pm and 4pm and then close for a few hours before opening again for dinner around 8pm. During the summer months the city can reach over 40 degrees Celsius and it’s not uncommon for residents to have their dinner around midnight when the sun has set and the temperature has dropped.

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A few local dishes to try are; salmorejo – a thick, cold, tomato-based soup closely related to gazpacho, rabo de toro (oxtail) which is simmered in red wine for hours for perfect tenderness, caracoles (snails), tortilla de patatas (potato omelette), and churrasco which is a piece of meat grilled to perfection, sprinkled with coarse salt and served with two herb-based sauces.

Erasmus Cordoba Accommodation Options

There are plenty of options when it comes to Cordoba Erasmus accommodation

The student housing in Cordoba is more affordable compared to cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. Whether you are looking for a student room Cordoba or perhaps Cordoba apartments the number one thing to consider is which area of the city you would like to live in.

Like any other city, Cordoba is made up of several different neighbourhoods all with different characteristics. The most popular student neighbourhood is Ciudad Jardin a large and well-connected district situated in the west of the city. It’s very near the city centre and has several train and bus stations. It’s popular among students because of its affordability and close proximity to the university and all the faculties.

Another popular student neighbourhood is Vallellano which is situated right in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, only a 2 or 3 minute walk away. The area is especially convenient for those studying at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts,

The San Basilio neighbourhood is another great option. The area consists of white houses with the typical Andalusian architecture. For those looking for a pretty neighbourhood this is the one. Most of these houses have whitewashed façades, window bars, and balconies and a central patio, adorned with pots of cascading flowers.

Regardless of which neighbourhood you would like to live in, at studentroomrentals.com we can help with student accommodation in Cordoba Spain. We have a large selection of student rooms, shared apartments, and private studios. Browse through our accommodation options and learn more about how easy, hassle-free and safe it is to book with us.
Or contact our friendly customer support team and let them help you to start the process of finding your perfect student accommodation today.

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